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We answer your most frequently asked questions about online presence, website, wordpress website development and maintenance...
So here are the basic questions that arise in relation to common questions about website creation.
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I want a free website. Do you make them?

Free website and free website creation are relative. If you want to have a functioning and continuously available website, you need several elements, such as a domain name or a web hosting space. So the word free may not stop there. Of course, there are free options available, i.e. there is the possibility of a free website solution. We do not create free websites, however we have created a blog post - you can see a more detailed description and implementation of this on this link. So free website? Yes there is, but you can do it for yourself after some learning and practice.

I want a WordPress Website, WordPress operation and maintenance, what do I need?

If a Website, or WordPress Website and if you don't want to deal with it, or if you don't know how to deal with it, then you need us! Contact us and we'll contact you when we'll discuss all the details you need, including what you need. Or, if we like each other, we'll send you a free quote, which will hopefully answer all your questions.

What does the process of building a WordPress Website look like?

A Website or WordPress Website creation starts with understanding your business, your market, your customers, your competitors, your needs and your expectations. Based on these and our mutually agreed proposals, we will create a plan that covers all the issues and tasks that affect your website Web design-Web security, backups, maintenance. Also for project/task management, scheduling, reconciliations, milestones... Most of the rest is our job. For details, read on in the FAQ section.

If we ask for monthly WordPress website maintenance, what does it cover?

For example:

  • WordPress Website Maintenance
  • Running a WordPress Website
  • Remote website management
  • Functions, Website status checking, monitoring, tracking the appearance of updates and updating them accordingly
  • WordPress "engine" security and major versions update
  • Update templates, security and major versions
  • Updating extensions, security and major versions
  • Security/security plug-in configuration, adapting to changes
  • Create a full manual backup with automatic backups set
  • In case of a possible error, restore based on backups
  • Rapid response in the event of a fault, malfunction, side break or other problem
  • If necessary, dealing with hosting providers, technical contacts
  • Website relocation
  • Hosting provider / change of provider
  • Reporting
  • A carefree, peaceful sleep free from Website problems

What is important in an online presence, for example: a Website?

The main thing is to meet the objective, i.e. to match the business needs and the expectations of the target market or customers in terms of content, appearance, design...

Is my Website or WordPress Website secure?

Yes and no. Having a good website is safe for a while, at least in the short term. To make it long-term and to prevent the site from being hacked, to prevent malicious hackers from gaining access to critical data, the site needs to be regularly maintained. This can be done by you - we can help you learn how - but if you don't want to deal with it, we're more than happy to do it for you. It's a great pairing because everyone can be most effective by doing what they do best.

Once my page is ready, what next?

Together, we will discuss how to move forward, what to do in the future to make the site achieve the purpose for which it was created...

What if I want to change something on my Website?

Here, as in all areas of life, change is frequent and change, dictating change or adapting to change is necessary and brings results in all areas. We often change and improve our own sides too. It is an almost constant expectation from the online world and a condition for achieving the desired goals.

If you think we can help, if you don't, we can show you how you can do it...

How is our work together structured?

Together we discuss (online) the needs and possibilities, we plan together and we implement. Of course, if you want to be involved in a minimum of tasks, we are also open to that, we will do a significant part of your tasks. But the best and most effective is always when we fine-tune the directions together... 

What is my role in the creation of the Website?

We help you with everything! We also do the project management, i.e. we proactively indicate the steps and tasks for each task and we don't let go!

If you think we can help, if you don't, we can show you how you can do it...

Will they continue to help? I don't know anything about website building or web design, and I don't want to struggle with it.

We can help you with anything we know how to do - but if we don't, we know who to turn to. If you don't want to, don't bother, we'll make sure you have everything you need to focus on what matters most to you. We have many years of IT, commercial, operations and maintenance experience so you don't have to "struggle" with anything to do with your Website or Online presence.

Why should I choose your company to build my Website or WordPress Website and online presence?

Because we are good and we have a lot of knowledge and experience related to the subject, not only in this field, but also in business, sales, marketing, IT. We can help you with your needs and goals. With us, you are not just one of our Clients, you feel that you are always the most important!

If you think we can help, if you don't, we can show you how you can do it...

WordPress Website I need help with moving my website. Should I get started?

Moving Websites and WordPress Websites is not a simple matter. Care must be taken to ensure that neither the source nor the target database is damaged and that the end result is what you want.

The task is not extreme and we are happy to help in such cases. However, if you are without help and without routine and practice, the most important thing is to make a rescue. A cleaner case is moving an active website and database to a clean or empty site and database.

The WordPress Website migration is by default our task for example in the case when we work with our clients to move their WordPress Website Maintenance or WordPress Website Hosting, we have a contractual relationship with you.

WordPress Restore, WordPress Maintenance, WordPress Backup

In case of a WordPress restore, it is necessary to have a WordPress site backup available. Of course you can do without it, but then already high in the cost, i.e. it is not really worth it. This is why we provide frequent (typically daily backups) in our operation or maintenance services. Today there are so many hacking rates on websites that these are critical elements. Typically, 85% of customers are unaware that their site has been hacked or that their website has been hacked. This is because in most cases the aim is not to cause damage, but to steal data or to place hidden information on websites. These latter elements are only noticeable after a longer lead time before they have a very negative impact, of course, even if they are not prices a professional who even notices this...  

Blog Making Frequently Asked Questions

Igen, ehhez a témához nem ártana egy külön oldal, de ennyire nem aprózzuk szét az információkat. Cél, hogy Önök a lehető legtöbb segítséget találják meg egy helyen. Ha továbbra is sok kérdés érkezik hozzánk Blog Készítés kapcsán, készítünk erre egy külön szekciót. Addig csak röviden. Amennyiben szakemberre bízná a Blogjait és ez alatt a Blog, blogok elkészítését, szakmai szövegírást (copywriting), rendszeres blog készítést, blog frissítést, karbantartást szeretne, forduljon hozzánk bizalommal. 🙂

The blogs SEO is essential for the creation of your website, which means writing texts and blogs that comply with search engine optimisation rules. That's why we help our clients with this too!

Website Creation Frequently Asked Questions

It sounds strange, but you raised this as a basic question. And it's difficult to give a simple and concise answer. For example, because Website development or website preparation covers many areas. From Website design, branding elements, effective and efficient copywriting or graphic elements, Web Design, typography, SEO elements, to the tools and tools used to create a Website or Webshop. And another very important element is the understanding of the client company's situation and objectives, the market, the target group and the client's needs. In other words, to see the company and its objectives and market from the outside and, knowing this, to make the right online, marketing and online market presence design. 

In these cases, we would rather suggest that you contact us, tell us about your problems or your plans for the task and we will help you move forward with any issues in the form of a short consultation. Either jointly or independently.

If you have any further questions, let us know!

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