Supporting the Acquisition of a New Client with an Online Appearance

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Professionals and Companies in the field of Construction, Building, Renovation in focus!

Construction worker, specialist lady with tool and hard hat
Construction worker, specialist lady with tool and hard hat

Or to get new customers with an online look? – Quick Start For Businesses, Professionals, Professionals.

The focus of February, March and April 2022 is on services related to construction and building renovation . For example . _ _

Examples are, but are not limited to, the following areas, Construction professions :

Construction specialist worker on construction site dangerous

Companies, enterprises, masters, professionals: ( Construction professions in one place ???? )

  • Engineer, Civil Engineer, Design Engineer, Architect, Static
  • Master, Professional
  • Carpenter
  • Tinsmith
  • Roofing
  • Painter Painting Wallpaper
  • Bricklayer
  • Sculptor and artisan
  • Plasterboard mechanic
  • Tiling (Cold Tiling, Warm Tiling, Parquet)
  • Glassy
  • House builder, Renovation companies, businesses,  
  • Home builder, Renovation companies, businesses
  • Heat and Sound Insulation
  • Doors and Shutters (eg with shutters)
  • Plumber, Sewer, Utility
  • Gas fitter, Heating fitter
  • Electrician
  • Joiner
  • AC repairman
  • Other Skilled Worker
  • Unskilled worker

What is the challenge of reaching new customers with the Website?

Acquiring New Customers - What is the challenge of reaching new customers with the Website?
New Customer Acquisition – What is the challenge of reaching new customers with the Website?

The challenge is to create a New Website , Websites , Website Creation or Renovation of Existing Websites that, in addition to building professionalism and reliability , will rank your website as well as possible in Google and Bing search results , Google Ads , Facebook / Meta advertising campaigns as soon as possible , fast!

Why? So that they can get new customers and have a job as soon as possible .

Mainly because several of these companies and professionals have been looking for weeks to find plenty of work on the market, but even though they do quality work with a guarantee, they can’t find them or just can’t find them.

They want to get more jobs done as quickly as possible because they have the capacity and people to do the job.

Website design Website design WebServe Websites for you - responsive websites image
Website design Website design WebServe Websites for you – responsive websites image

Of course, there are several reasons why they can’t be found. For example:

  • There are many professionals, even among companies, who do not yet have their own online appearance or website
  • They have a website but can’t find them
    • Their website is not well structured, optimized
    • There are no keywords, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) / search engine optimization elements on their websites
    • Their website is not authentic
    • They themselves are not yet known
    • Their ratings, if any, are not good – although that’s a different topic
    • Their references are not enough or inadequate
    • They did not focus on customer satisfaction
    • They do not or do not make good use of their relationship systems
    • Their website is still new, but they are not advertising
    • They do not advertise, although the professional advertises intensively on Google and Facebook / Meta pages or other sites
    • They don’t know how to use their website to gain customers
    • And there may be many other reasons…

We can help with quite a few of these problems.

For example, when we create a website, the materials, information, writings, blogs that are created for the pages, professional texts are made with these in mind. This way, the pages will be included in the Organic search results not only for the duration of the paid ads, but also slowly. This also requires that those who create an Online Appearance, such as a CMS, say WordPress-based or any custom-developed website, have SEO professionals, or at least the SEO knowledge and approach to compile and create the Websites. After all, if you want to build the content of your pages in an effective, search-friendly way and achieve successful search results, you need to build search-friendly pages, both in terms of design, layout and content. Web and SEO professionals are good at this too.


Over time, they are getting in a better position, that is, as they are gaining more and more prestige among organic hits, that is, natural results without paid advertising. This ensures that you don’t have to spend less or less on advertising. Mainly because the page rank is such that even without a paid ad, it will appear on the first page or even in the top positions in organic search results, such as google search results.

Of course, it takes a lot of work, development, professional articles, customer satisfaction feedback, and more, and we at WebServe , Service-Rent , or WeBizPro are constantly monitoring and helping our customers.

The goal is to make as many phone calls, e-mail contacts and requests for quotations from potential customers as possible…

Lady on the phone - The goal is to make as many phone calls, e-mail contacts and requests for quotations from potential customers as possible ...
Lady on the phone – The goal is to make as many phone calls, e-mail contacts and requests for quotations from potential customers as possible…

And of course the satisfied customer afterwards!

WebServe_woman_heart_pic_Satisfied customer photo
WebServe_woman_heart_pic_Satisfied Customer

This is one of the keys to getting and retaining a quick new customer and potential returning customer.

It doesn’t work any other way in this area either!

In the market, if a customer gets to know a company or professional that is outstanding or at least suitable in terms of professionalism, quality, attitude and reliability, it insists on it. If the entrepreneur understands more than that, he will order from him in more areas and he will be one of the hopefully as many returning customers as possible .

They are literally hunting / actively looking for good professionals!

They are literally hunting / actively looking for good professionals!
They are literally hunting / actively looking for good professionals!

Reliability and quality remain great!

Customers regularly hunt for reliable quality professionals!

A person who works well and is trustworthy in a business is always expected back and has or will be piled up with work.

You can deal with what you’re up to and not have the customer spend their time hunting.

Reliable professionals are distributed among customers.

If we look around the net a bit, is it full of you to recommend a good, reliable professional for this or that field?

A reliable professional who even gives quality will be known in a short time, it can be the recommendations of the online appearance of the websites.

If you are already a specialist, you can also use your website to inform your Clients or to find out what else they can turn to.

All this without bothering the already busy specialist by phone, because they can already find the necessary information on the above-mentioned website.

When the entrepreneur, company, specialist, online appearance is not yet at this level – which may be more than that, but we have now turned to the website – so this will be the base where the Client or prospective Client can be convinced. About what?

Among other things, being a trusted professional understands what you are dealing with.

This trust is one of the foundations to find new customers for your Orders .

WebServe corporate Logo
WebServe – The Foundation of Trust

The online world can provide a lot of help in this. Mainly because customers and employers are informed!

They find out before they buy something, before they trust someone, before they invest in something, and even before they eat something.

Today, this orientation has been greatly simplified by the online world, the internet through websites.


We can look after everything, of course, if there is one!

It is interesting that many, especially in the case of the young 16-25 year olds, it is very common to check the company’s website before eating somewhere or even ordering anything small for 100-200 HUF.

If you don’t have a website, forgetful, go ahead. If you have a website for a selected company or service, they will look at the reviews written by customers and so on down to the smallest detail.

If the first order is successful, this process will not be repeated, as it is included in the category of trusted service, trusted business.

If they change or look for something else, this process will be replayed.

Among other things, this justifies the chances of deteriorating without online availability and a website, and this is not just for this generation.

After the little detour, returning to the basic idea, the topic.

Being available in some online form greatly expands the range of possibilities!

That is why it is extremely important that even if the construction professions work not for the online, virtual world, but for the more tangible material world, it is highly recommended that they be available in this world so that those who seek them here can find them…

Using international, foreign job opportunities website?

Yes, and not to mention international opportunities, which mainly opens up a lot of new opportunities for online presence… But that may be the topic of a future article.

In the meantime, if you see fantasy in the above, WebServe will be happy to help you build and improve your online presence, thereby gaining new customers.


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