SEO Basics 2022-2023

SEO Basics 2022-2023
- beginners guide

What is SEO? Why SEO is important?Search engine optimisation the smart way.

Why is SEO so important?

First of all, it is free, unlike advertising.

A lot of people search for different things every day, and free traffic like this can be very important for a business.

Secondly, once ranked highly by search engines, over time a given online presence or website will receive steady traffic, while almost any other digital marketing strategy can result in a sudden surge in traffic, but their power is later lost, usually fading.

And finally, why miss out on the opportunity to reach billions of internet users worldwide with your business?

SEO Basics 2022-2023 - A Beginner's Guide -
SEO Basics 2022-2023 - A Beginner's Guide -

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization.

The essence of search engine optimisation (SEO), as we have just described, is to increase the visibility of your website or online presence, findability and ranking in the organic search results of the main search engines.

To achieve this visibility, you need to be aware of three basic ingredients:

What type of content people want or need.

How search engines work.

How to to properly promote and optimise your website.

Although search engines and technology are constantly evolving, there are some fundamental elements that SEO have remained unchanged since the start of the.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the actual meaning is taken into account, i.e. many people have previously written material for search engines. Fortunately, this is now changing. And search engines are starting to value and rank useful content that is relevant to consumers/readers more highly. As a result, more and more valuable writing and material is being written for readers and not just for searchers.

So SEO is the for website optimisation and to improve the position of websites, blogs or other online presences on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This type of optimization is basically geared towards increasing traffic to the organic (natural) search list positions of websites, rather than towards ad search results (Search Engine Marketing - paid ads such as Google AdWords, Facebook Meta Ads).

A SEO alapú írások és a SEO szakemberek, szövegírók, alapvetően nem manipulálják a keresőket, de mégis figyelembe veszik azok elvárásait. Ugye itt a webes vagy online, internetes keresőmotorokról vagy keresőprogramokról beszélünk, mint pl.: a Google Search, a Bing, a Yahoo Search vagy akár az ASK.

The above mentioned SEO professionals for website creation Contributing Copywriters or Bloggers basically create websites and the content of websites , they write them in such a way that they achieve the best results for both readers and search engines.

SEO basics, experiences and best practices for 2022 / SEO best practices

A SEO egy olyan módszer, amely a legjobb gyakorlatokat követi. A SEO alapjai segítenek olyan tartalmakat létrehozni, amelyeket az emberek meg akarnak találni, amikre keresnek, rákeresnek, elsősorban a saját nyelvükön és a saját keresési szavaikkal.
This is for sites with ongoing organic turnover will result in.

Some of the best SEO practices often used:
  •  Keyword research
  •  On-Page Optimisation
  •  Technical SEO

Keyword research: 

A kulcsszókutatás kulcsfontosságú. 🙂

 Keyword research is the foundation of SEO. Once you've identified the keywords you want to target, you can start creating content or blogging on the topic and optimizing the content for your website to increase your rankings for those keywords.

 The first step in keyword research understanding what customers are looking for online. That's not true, because it's more important to understand your customer base first, how and what they are looking for, who your real target group is. If we can see this and get it right, we can quickly achieve success. Sometimes it's easy to find the keywords that our customers are looking for when it comes to broad concepts related to your core business.

 Sometimes it's harder, and you need to create content that helps someone who isn't sure if they need to visit a permanent makeup studio, for example. For your target audience who may have uneven brows or need immediate help, you can create a page on "what is the best procedure for microblading for natural-looking permanent brows?".

Similar to the above specific content - although the number of searches for these is lower - but they can be more effective targeted content if you are, say, an expert on the topic. And of course, in addition to this, you can do extremely good keyword research within this narrower field. As a result of which you can find content that is barely targeted by competitors, but that customers are looking for.

Whichever way you look at it, anyone can get started without keyword research, but if you want to be listed in the search results, and not have to self-promote your expert's writing in your own network, I don't think you can skip this step. If you are not an expert on this subject, you should consult SEO experts. They use expensive software - which already have bought - they can give you great guidance on the right keywords to use.

If you want to do this yourself, there are free and paid tools and software available. And of course, there are many professional articles, articles and videos on the internet on the subject, listing a wide range of tools. If I were to start from the simple, Google search itself provides such a very basic option. If you type in the link field of your browser, and then start typing the words in the search field of the topic, it will give you suggestions when typing in the search field.

Let's just say it's one of the easiest, fastest and free ways to start a very basic, free keyword research. The main, basic keyword itself is eyebrows, the rest, as the image shows, are eyebrow tattoos, or eyebrow tattoo prices called longtail, more specific keywords.

SEO Basics, Keyword research 2022 2023

For the sake of example, along the above eyebrow theme, I started typing the word "eyebrows" into the search engine, which brought up the following suggestions and keywords on google.

Kulcsszókutatás – alap, ingyenes megoldása 🙂

If you want to know more about keywords, keyword usage, see "How many SEO keywords should I use in my article?"!

On-Page Optimisation

 It is no longer enough to write content that focuses on targeted keywords. You need to optimise the key elements of your page if you want to get results in the search engines.

Headlines, headline elements:

Sometimes it is not easy to create a headline, a series of headlines, that includes the keyword phrase. It is important that the title is easy to read and grabs the reader's attention. If the keyword you are targeting is "permanent makeup", the title "tag" could be "Best practices before you opt for permanent makeup".


It is much easier to choose a URL. Most URLs can match the keyword phrase. For example, if you use the example above, you might want to use : /durable-smink/ to create the URL.


Headlines can give Google a strong signal about the content of a page. It's best if the page title is the only H1 and all titles or subtopics are H2. For longer content, you can also use H3 title bars. These headings should be keyword optimised where possible.

Avoid using the same keyword phrase as the page title. Also, don't force a keyword or keyword phrase into a headline if you feel, think or hear it is unnatural. To improve clarity, you can add the keyword "Microbalm" to a headline instead of "Permanent Makeup".

 Format the content:

Where possible, split up large chunks of text. Instead of writing a long sentence listing problems with eyebrow furrowing, make a bulleted list. This way you can present the information quickly and in an easy-to-read format. Make an H2 for the title of the list. Then make an H3 of the items.

Internal reference:

Whenever you can, link to other content on your website, to previous articles on similar topics, to increase the frequency with which they are found (of course, be sensible, as too frequent links are penalised by search software/bots).

Meta descriptions:

Google may create different meta descriptions for different types of queries, even if the content of the page is the same. Although these are not directly related to ranking, they can affect click-through-rate (CTR) - because they appear in the description below the search headings. It is therefore important to create a meta description that encourages users to click through to your page. You can achieve this by explaining the unique offer of the page and encouraging users to click. Search engines often use synonymous keywords and target keywords to help your search results stand out.


Images on the page increase the page load time. Images are the number one reason why pages load slowly. Resize images so that they are only the size you need and not one pixel larger. They should still be of good quality. Unless you need a transparent background, save your images in JPG or the now increasingly popular Web Image, WEP format.

Then compress the image, but as little as possible to preserve image quality. Once you have resized and compressed the image, you need to rename it using the keyword phrase you are targeting. Optimize the alt text as well. Search bots use both the filename and alt text to understand the image. Avoid keyword stacking, and instead optimize the image for keywords in the same way you converted the keyword phrase into a human-readable headline that highlights the topic.

Technical SEO

 Even if your website is optimised for search engines, technical problems can prevent your site from performing well for search engines.


A not indexing or disabling indexing is the biggest mistake you can make. The non-indexable website is the second most serious mistake. Of course, that's only after you've made your site final and flawless. Because even worse than that, search engines index incorrect or incomplete content. Your website should be easy to index. For example, in the case of WordPress, this means that the WordPress admin must activate the checkbox Settings > Reading > Website indexability for search engines (see photo below).


However, for other websites, such as custom-developed sites, this may mean that the developer has to edit the code to change the status of the robots meta tag "index, follow" to visible, crawlable.

301 redirection:

Websites can change due to redesigns, strategy changes, brand shifts and many other factors. Although not recommended, website URLs may change, they may change when they are updated. Google may consider a website whose content moves from one URL to another as if it were a new page. This can lose all your rankings and hard work.

If a backlink points to a page that returns a 404 response (page does not exist error code), it may lose all value. It is important to create redirects not only to recover the full value of the links, but also to improve the user experience and let Google or any search engine know that the content has changed.

For example, you may have had all your blogs include the year, month and date in the URL, creating unnecessarily long URLs such as "/2023/12/30/haltos-smink/", and someone decided to update these URLs to "/blog/tartos-smink/". You can set a redirect to the old URL so you don't lose all your organic traffic.


A sitemap is a great way to give search engines a list of URLs to index. This allows Google to crawl and index your website faster. Because a sitemap is dynamic, Google will notice any changes or new content in the sitemap.

Page maps allow you to view all the pages on your website that are crawlable or indexable. Check your sitemap file to make sure that test pages, automatically generated archives or other pages you don't want users to access are not indexed. Once you have checked your sitemap file, send it to Google via Search Console.

Responsive, Mobile-friendly:

You've probably heard many times that the use of mobile devices to read/open web pages is growing rapidly. With the proliferation of smartphones, it has quickly become more popular than viewing/reading content on a computer.

So it's crucial to optimise your website for mobile users. Your website should be mobile-friendly. If you are interested in more detail, you can find our article on mobile responsiveness here

Here you can find Google's mobile-friendliness test to check if Google considers your website mobile responsive:


Page speed, page load time, has been an important ranking factor for some time, but now that Google is also pushing a mobile-first mindset, they are especially important.

We are proud of it, but we have a lot of work to do to achieve the result shown in the pictures above. Especially the Mobile result of 97% is outstanding, but the desktop result of 100% is not bad either :)). These great results also help our pages to rank well.

Of course, it's not just about search engines, mobile-first and great loading speeds, but also about improving the customer experience. Last but not least, customers don't abandon our sites because they load extremely fast on desktop, desktop computers and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets...

And as you have read above, there has been a huge increase in internet usage from mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, consumption of online resources, reading and checking social networking sites. These are also reasons why great optimization is crucial.

Gondoljon csak bele, ön mennyit használja a mobilkészülékét ilyen műveletekre? Gondolom talán túl sokat is. 🙂 Ezzel sokak vannak / vagyunk így. A fent említett search console, az oldalaknál azt is méri és figyeli, hogy milyen eszközökön érkeznek az érdeklődők. . A Google's page speed tester link is available here

Google has announced Core Web Vitals, a new ranking signal that uses real data to evaluate the performance of pages. It gives a score between Good, Needs Improvement and Poor. It can help developers improve the score and ensure that all URLs achieve a "Good" score.

To sum up:

If you want to achieve stable and stable results in the search engines and in the search results of websites, either in a custom-developed website or in a WordPress in Website Development cannot neglect SEO and the optimisation of pages for search engines.

If you are interested in more on this, see Our SEO course, or our web blog, or even our free, online courses, which we are constantly developing and expanding. Or subscribe to our newsletter, where you will either be notified of these or, if you prefer, we can send you these articles.

We wish you every success in Websites and SEO in the world of.

If you need help, feel free to contact another professional , or contact us at

If you like what you read here, share it with others! Thank you!


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